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We were working in the studio late one night, when our screens were possessed by the strangest of sights.

A glitch gave us a glimpse of a world unlike our own, where the naughty list is endless, and festive fiends roam.

No silent nights here, it’s chaos all Christmas. But isn’t it fun to witness the mischief?

If you’re brave enough, share the fiends far and wide. Ready? Shake the globe to see who’s inside.

Using the modern wonder that is Stable Diffusion, the team at Phantom seized the opportunity to bring a diverse ecosystem of festive fiends to life. We added a sprinkling of our Phantom Dude’s DNA to the mix to give the fiends a distinctive, consistent genepool. Then it was just a matter of writing a little custom Python to prepare and optimise their snowglobe home, and a Santa's sack-load of WebGL magic from our Development team to make their strange world as inviting as possible. Keep shaking to discover new fiends and share your favourite.

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